Niles Charter Township to apply $240,000 in delinquent payments to winter tax roll

Published 3:18 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NILES CHARTER TOWNSHIP — The Niles Charter Township Board of Trustees announced more than $240,000 in delinquent payments will be added to 2022 Winter Property Taxes during Monday’s meeting at Niles Charter Township Hall.

The board approved delinquent sewer fees and penalties amounting to $217,429.52.17 as well as delinquent road assessment and mowing payments totaling $23,722.41. 

The delinquent sewer penalty is $205,045.17, the water fee is $76.10 and the administration fee is $12,308.25 for a total of $217,429.52 which will be applied to Winter Property Taxes.

Through the Municipal Water Lien Act (MCL 123.161-167), state law allows for placement of any delinquent water or sewer fees on the property’s tax bill as a lien for collection purposes.

Special Assessment Districts are a designated area where a majority of property owners agree to allow a government agency to levy a property tax in exchange for a specific service, in this case roads and mowing. 

Delinquent road assessment and mowing payment breakdown:

  • Mowing: $3,864.50
  • Brandywine Shores: $14,028.15 
  • Evergreen Road: $656.47
  • Harrah Road: $1,232.72
  • Mission Hills: $3,940.57