LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labor Day musings

Published 1:00 pm Friday, September 2, 2022

The great Michigan tradition of closing out the Summer with a Labor Day drive to the lake or Up North is upon us, and thankfully, gas prices have continued to moderate. 

The partisan rhetoric blaming President Biden for the sharp increases in gas prices, and practically everything else, has moderated too. We don’t read much about soaring gas prices any more. The facts are that more people working at higher wages is what fuels inflation. Lots of people working and getting paid is a good thing, something to celebrate this Labor Day. Unions making a comeback, winning better wages and work conditions is another. 

So fill up the tank for a lot less than you did Memorial Day, grab a union made and delivered beverage and head to the water or the woods. Just be careful around the large numbers of orange vests and barrels. Gov. Whitmer is keeping her promise to “fix the d@mn roads,” and means more people working and better roads for all of us to enjoy throughout the year.

Jim Pedersen