Edwardsburg School Bonding Proposal defeated

Published 12:31 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2022

CASSOPOLIS — With 100 percent of the votes counted, here are the updated numbers from Tuesday’s Michigan Primary Election.

All but one of the school proposals passed, as well as millage renewals for the Cass County Dispatch and a pair for the Ontwa Township Ambulance Service.

The Biggest surprise may have been the Edwardsburg Schools Bonding Proposal, which was defeated 1,486 to 1,324.

The Cassopolis Schools Sinking Fund Millage passed 720 to 682, while the Cassopolis District Library Millage passed 3,817 to 3,534.

Here are the results of the other contested races:


Cass County Election Results

Governor (REP)

Tudor M. Dixon 2,763

Ryan D. Kelley 1,510

Ralph Rebrandt 336

Kevin Rinke 601

Garrett Soldano 1,308


Representative in Congress 5th District (REP)

Sherry O’Donnell 2,736

Tim Walberg 3,935


State Senator 17th District (REP)

Kim LaSata 2,854

Jonathan Lindsey 3,984


Representative in State Legislature 38th District (REP)

Steve Cara 1,511

Jack Coleman 615

Scott McGraw 1,287

Jerry Solis 680


Representative in State Legislature 37th District (REP)

JD Haughey 410

Brad Paquette 2,050


County Commissioner 5th District (REP)

Mary Howle 390

Michael Laylin 308


County Commissioner 6th District (REP)

Samuel Barrera 524

Betsy Carls 413


County Commissioner 8th District (REP)

Dwight D. Dyes 447

R.J. Lee 512


Township Treasurer for Jefferson Township

Partial Term (REP)

Debra L. Glaze 170

Karla Mendenhall 203



Cass County 911 Central Dispatch

Yes 6,408

No 2,905


Cass District Library Millage

Yes 3,817

No 3,534


Ontwa Township Proposal for Ambulance

Service Millage Renewal I

Yes 1,127

No 395


Ontwa Township Proposal for Ambulance

Service Millage Renewal II

Yes 1,118

No 401


Volinia Township Road Millage

Yes 150

No 90


Cassopolis Schools Sinking Fund Millage

Yes 720

No 682


Edwardsburg Schools Bonding Proposal

Yes 1,324

No 1,486