LETTER: We need competent leadership in the White House

Published 10:34 am Monday, April 25, 2022

Under Joe Biden’s presidency:

1) Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring over our southern border each month.  Biden cancelled his predecessor’s policies that prevented this lawlessness, while also cancelling construction of the border wall.

2) Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, which would today be providing 900,000 barrels of Canadian oil to the USA.  Biden’s administration vows to shut down the USA oil and natural gas industries, blocks permits to build desperately needed natural gas pipelines, and denies oil drilling permits on taxpayer land (a lease on taxpayer land is not a permit to drill). Then Biden blames dictator Putin for high gas prices.

3) Mr. Biden’s complete fiasco of his Afghanistan withdrawal-surrender gave our adversaries confidence that Biden will not risk confrontation.  Experts around the world sounded this alarm at the time.  Would Putin have dared to invade Ukraine had Biden stood up to the Taliban?   Remember, when President Obama authorized the raid to capture-kill Osama Bin Laden, Joe Biden opposed the mission.

4) Mr. Biden refused to provide Ukraine with sufficient military equipment until after Putin invaded. He vetoed Poland’s offer to give Ukraine Mig fighter jets. Biden claimed, before the war, that the threat of sanctions would deter Putin from invading.

5) Mr. Biden’s reckless spending of borrowed taxpayer money has fueled today’s 40-year high inflation.  Yet he proposes more of the same.

6) During Covid, numerous states violated state and federal laws by allowing the harvesting of ballots, the elimination of signature verification, and the mass mailing of ballots to residents, even to people who were ineligible to vote.  State legislators are returning to common sense voting integrity policies that existed pre-Covid.

7) Biden’s left-wing climate policies will strangle our economy, while empowering our adversaries like Russia and China, who will give their vastly more polluting industries a free-ride.

I proudly stand with my fellow citizens who simply want competent leadership and common-sense policies.