PHOTO STORY: Buchanan hosts 14th annual Chili Cook-Off

Published 11:30 am Friday, April 8, 2022

BUCHANAN — An annual event made its return to downtown Buchanan Thursday night.

Back from its COVID-induced hiatus, the 14th annual Chili Walk Cook-Off provided community members with the savory warmth needed to combat a cold, rainy evening.

The annual event gives people the chance to walk around downtown Buchanan and sample the different kinds of chili especially made by local vendors and residents.

A total of 21 contestants duked it out for chili supremacy. An awards ceremony was held at Lehman’s Orchard Brewery & Farmhouse following the event.

The list of winners is as follows:

People’s Choice: McCoy Creek Tavern

Best Name: McCoy Creek Tavern 

Most Spirited: Union Coffee House & Cafe 

Judge’s Choice: Buchanan Masonic Lodge

Below is a complete list of competing teams along with their signature chili:

Lehman’s Farmhouse – “Sweet Potato Chili”

Honor Credit Union – “Your money is on our Chili”

Buchanan-Galien Lions Club – “A Taste of Heaven”

Redbud Hardware – “Gramma J’s Deer Camp Chili”

  1. Mottl Realty Group – “Realty Good Chili”

Integrity Real Estate Professionals ERA Powered – “Zang Good Chili”

Integrity RE – Our Team – “No Place Like Home”

Redbud Roots – “Sweet N Sassy”

Flagstar – “Chadillac’s Cizzlin Chili AKA Triple C”

Listing Leaders MI – “Buckin’ Good Chili”

Big Bake & The Boys – “Skyline Chili”

Michigan Gateway Community Foundation – “Sweet & Spicy”

McCooy Creek Tavern – “The Unicorn’s Last Supper”

Café Italiano at the Sweet Shop – “Chili Bianca”

Redbud Insurance Services – “Gobbling with no gas Chili”

Stella Mae’s Meeting House – “Stella Mae’s Wild West Chili”
Union Coffee House & Cafe – “Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Chili”

The Home Source Group – Paulus – “Winn Chili”

The Home Source Group – Williams – “Buyer’s Remorse”

Hilltop Café – Team Hilltop – “Sweater Weather Chili”

Buchanan Masons – “Bowl & Spoon Degree”