New cleaning business set to offer professional, detailed services to Michiana

Published 1:00 pm Monday, February 14, 2022

NILES — A new business aims to provide quality, detailed cleaning services to customers throughout the area.

Maids of Michiana LLC opened its services to the Michiana area Feb. 7. Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, the business is a two-person professional residential cleaning business consisting of Niles resident and founder Tori Lausch and Quetzali Villegas of Osceola. 

Maids of Michiana specializes in deep cleaning and stain removal, and offers basic cleaning services for weekly, biweekly, and monthly customers,  as well as move in and move out cleans and one-time cleans. 

“We always make sure that we go and do consultations first,” Lausch said. “We let our customers know what’s gonna happen, what the rundown is, how it’s gonna go and that’s what it’s gonna be every single time. … We really go the extra mile in every way. It’s all about our customers and what pleases them and makes them happy.”

Lausch and Villegas have several years of combined cleaning experience under their belts. Unhappy with her previous job but wanting to continue providing a service that helps those in need, Lausch decided to start her own business and asked Villegas to join her entrepreneurial venture.

“When I started cleaning professionally, I kind of had an idea of wanting to start on my own but I wasn’t too sure because it was scary,” Lausch said. “I’ve never had my own business. After thinking it through, I had been learning all the ins and outs and what to do and what not to do. It was a good learning experience; I just wanted to start a business of my own and I needed a partner that I could rely on.”

“She has taught me so much,” Villegas said. “She is very passionate about her work. When I saw that, I thought that if she was serious about this, I wouldn’t mind working for her because I know she’s gonna be the one taking care of me.”

Maids of Michiana may be a two-woman show, but Lausch and Villegas’ combination of skill and chemistry makes for a great team.

“She came into [our previous job] killing it,” Lausch said. “I knew she was the one I needed. I knew what I was capable of but I needed a partner capable of doing the same because it is demanding work. … We have a process and we just know how to work together.

“It’s as if she reads my mind,” Villegas said.

Business is beginning to bloom for Lausch and Villegas. Since creating the business’ Facebook page, Lausch said they went from three houses requesting services to 10. Lausch, who also works two full-time jobs to fund her burgeoning cleaning business, aims to build her client base to 50 customers in order to be able to work full-time with her business.

“We come prepared with our own supplies,” Lausch said. “I have paid for all this out of my own pocket, little by little. I’ve done all my research up to every detail, from payroll and taxes down to our uniforms. I’m excited to keep going because the hard parts are done and now it’s the fun part, which is building relationships with our customers and doing the work that we enjoy doing.”

Readers seeking a quote or more information can call Maids of Michiana at (269) 340-4056, email or message the business’ Facebook page. 

Lausch and Villegas are looking forward to spreading their reach and delivering quality service to area customers.

“We just want to be there for the customers that don’t have someone,” Lausch said. “We are that reliable team that will always be there for you. That’s our goal.”