Niles boutique, healing center ready for a new start

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, November 24, 2021

NILES — A Niles business is ready for a new start.

Earlier this month, Evolve Boutique and Healing Arts Center, formerly known as Inner Journey, hosted a reopening and rededication earlier this month. The business opened in its current location, 109 N. Third St., Niles, more than a decade ago, and quickly became known for its wide variety of healing arts and alternative medicine, including massage, acupuncture, Reiki and more. Perhaps most notably, the business is home to a Himalayan salt cave, which was the first built in the state of Michigan in 2015, and is believed to decrease stress and have respiratory benefits, according to Evolve practitioners.

The boutique portion sells works from local artisans, clothing, jewelry, crystals, home décor and more.

“What makes us so unique is that we combine services that can be exactly what someone needs,” said owner Cindy Hawk. “We have those alternative aspects that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve had so many people come in and say, ‘This is in Niles? You would expect to find this on the west coast or in downtown Chicago.’ I hear that often.”

Hawk, who has operated a business in the Niles area since 1989, said she decided to reopen and rededicate the store due to changes the business has undergone over the last year or so. Not only does Hawk now own the building in which her business resides, but she also said the staff has undergone changes, and the store has seen improvements.

“We just want everyone to know we are here and want to be of service,” she said. “I love what I do because it is the cumulation of things I have done over the years. It combines everything I love.”

Though the store has been rededicated, Hawk said loyal customers can expect the business to continue offering the same services and atmosphere that it always has.

“I just want to continue doing what we do,” she said. “We want to reach more people of course, but we really just want to be of service and let people know that we are here to help them along their way — whether that’s with a service or a product, or sometimes, even if that is just someone to talk to.”