PHOTO STORY: Cassopolis organization hosts inaugural Walk of Hope

Published 2:37 pm Monday, September 27, 2021

CASSOPOLIS — Several area residents walked the streets of Cassopolis this weekend for a cause.

Cassopolis organization LEE, the League for Encouraging Empowerment, hosted its inaugural Walk of Hope Saturday. The walk, hosted in honor of National Suicide Prevention Month, started at United Presbyterian Church, 209 E. State St., Cassopolis, and ended at Stone Lake Beach. The event featured speakers from those who have loved lost ones to suicide and mental health experts from Woodlands Behavioral Health Network. LEE representatives will wear shirts bearing the phrase “you are not alone.”

Organizer Carmen Lee Peake said she hoped the walk raised awareness and helped break the stigma surrounding mental health in Cass County.

“We are not mental health experts, but we are advocates,” she said prior to the walk. “We are trying to get the awareness out, and we thought this march would be a good way to do that. We have to start talking. We have to have a dialogue, and this is the first step.”