Council on Aging partners with Honor Credit Union to host ice cream social Aug. 25

Published 7:49 am Friday, August 20, 2021

DOWAGIAC — Two local organizations are teaming up to give the Dowagiac community a way to beat the heat and meet and greet with friends.

The Cass County Council on Aging is partnering with Honor Credit Union Dowagiac for its upcoming Ice Cream Social at Front Street Crossing Event from 1 to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 25.

“It’s always such a nice, fun event,” said COA director of community development Kelli Casey. “Everyone can come in, create their own sundae and socialize with friends.”

Ice cream flavors are expected to include chocolate, vanilla, praline pecan, raspberry swirl and more. The event is free to all community members, and the ice cream is served and sponsored by Honor Credit Union.

HCU is active in the community, having recently donated funds to Ed’s Open Header Cruise for the Cass County Cancer Society and to The Young Professionals of Greater Dowagiac.

“Our partnership with the Council on Aging is important, especially for the community such as [Dowagiac],” said HCU Assistant Vice President Janie Reifenberg. “We’re hoping this year that we’re gonna pack the place. I love seeing everyone, and it gets us really close to them. We’re excited to get out into our community and to continue our support of the Council on Aging.”

“It’s always such a great partnership [with Honor Credit Union],” Casey said, “Janie always has a few employees that come and get to socialize with the community and really have a face to the donation. It’s more than just a donation. They really want to be involved in the community, which we love.”

Local law enforcement and city officials have attended the event and may do so this year.

“It’s a great time to socialize with them and see them at a friendly community event,” Reifenberg said.

Headquartered in Cassopolis, the Cass County Council on Aging provides services and programs to assist individuals to age and live well with dignity and independence. Last year’s ice cream social was hosted on the grounds of the James E. Snow Professional Building in Dowagiac.

“We’re happy to have it back in our building,” Casey said. “We have such a beautiful space for people, and they’re just all happy to be back together and socializing. All of our events have been well attended lately.”

“Last year we missed it because of COVID,” Reifenberg said. “We’re really excited to support the event this year. Honor loves to get out into the community.”

The ice cream social is something Casey hopes the community will take advantage of.

“We’re hoping that it’s multi-generational, that grandparents bring their grandchildren,” she said. “It’s for the whole community, not just for seniors.”