PUCKETT: What about church?

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Why go to church? What is church? Church by definition should have something to do with God. If you went to a church building, you might find God or at least other people who might be looking for God.

Believe it or not, all people are looking for God. Almighty God declares Himself in His book, the Bible, in Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 11: “He has put eternity in their hearts.” Whether you think you believe in God or not, He has given you a yearning which nothing else can satisfy. Try as you might, nothing will fill this void but God.

The Europeans in past days built church buildings which, when seen or entered into, caused a sense of reverence and a looking upward. The high cavernous, vaulted ceilings caused your eyes to automatically look up. You are content to be silent there and wait. God may not speak to you in an audible voice in these moments of awe, but you may be led to further exploration.

So, you go to church; what do you find? Church is about people not the building. The building is the means to an end. The people who are there are probably there because they more or less agree with what is going on there. It is unfortunate that many people do not go to church to learn about God; rather, they go to find systems or other people who bolster what they already believe, and, sadly, judge others who do not believe like they do. This describes what most former church attenders and non-church folks believe about church.

If you go to church, you might find some Christians — real Christians — those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of Almighty God. God sent Jesus to earth as a divine being in a human body. He was virgin-born and conceived by the Holy Spirit of God so He could be a man (walk in human flesh), but not tainted by all the evil that abides in man.

Jesus lived in poverty and obscurity, and went about talking about really believing God and trusting Him. Jesus gathered some followers and that became church. The teachings of Jesus about believing God and trusting Him was so radical that the establishment would not put up with it, so they killed Him.

God had a bigger plan and raised Jesus from the dead. He is still alive today and lives in Heaven. His Church, the one with real Christians, continues today. How do you find it?

Jesus was radical. His teachings are still radical. You can read all about them in the Bible. When you go to church, you will likely hear somebody talking about what they believe about God. Listen up; does it warm your heart? Not just make you feel good, but does the talking about God pierce into that inner place in your heart that Almighty God put there.

If you are looking for God, and believe that He exists, you can find Him anywhere, but most likely in church. God will help you find Him. His Helper is the Holy Spirit. Listen in church. Check out what you hear with the Bible. God’s Helper will help you understand that, too.

What about church? God is our only hope. Seek Him and you will find Him!