LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Movements, goals are wonderful things

In his June 17 column for Leader Publications, headlined “How to deal with injustice,” Dan Puckett talks about the story of the slave Hagar in the Bible, Genesis 16. Hagar was first offered to Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by his wife, Sarah, who seemed unable to bear a child. Hagar became pregnant, and Sarah, consumed by jealousy, cast her out into the wilderness.

The story continues, but rather than recount all of it, let’s ask what Dan Puckett thinks the lesson is. Hagar is a victim of injustice, he says (although why does he put that phrase in quotes — “victim of injustice?”). But, he notes, God (who appears to Hagar) does nothing to bring justice. Rather he tells Hagar to submit. The lesson would appear to be: Submit to injustice. Don’t fight back. Bow your head and bear your lot.

We are presently witnessing one of the largest and most diverse movements in some time, directed against the systematic outrages and injustices which have been perpetuated against African-Americans for a long, long time. Marchs and demonstrations have shaken cities and towns across this country. Long overdue actions and reforms are on the agenda.

People are not submitting to injustice, but fighting back and demanding change. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Apparently, Dan Puckett would say it’s wrong, people should simply submit. I hope I speak for most of us, of whatever creed or belief, in saying that this movement and its goals are wonderful things!

Let us continue to fight against injustice and oppression wherever they may reside.

John Stevenson