LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump is putting everyone at risk

Donald Trump has moved on from the “war against COVID-19” to focus on opening the economy — certainly not because it is safe to do so. He is actively pushing states to open their economies despite almost no evidence that they have met his administration’s own Federal guidelines, which were designed to minimize the risk of a second wave of infection.

The president openly admits that removing restrictions on closed businesses at this time will result in increased infections and deaths. He simply doesn’t care.

One very key component in the risk management of economic opening is testing. However, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump has demonstrated little support for creating and executing a robust testing program, except in the West Wing of the White House. He insists on getting tested himself every day, but flaunts social distancing and refuses to wear a mask. Some example of leadership he sets.  Two White House staff members recently tested positive for COVID-19. Because of their exposure to these staffers, Trump and Pence should both be quarantined and/or wearing masks all the time to avoid infecting others. They are doing neither.

Trump is now pushing for high infection rate businesses such as meat packing plants to keep operating, without mandating sufficient testing or the other safety guidelines created by his own administration. 

Trump likes to visit businesses for photo-ops, so perhaps he can drop in and see how things are going at a Smithfield pork or Tyson chicken plant, without a mask of course. Nothing like the commander-in-chief visiting the troops!

Won’t happen! This sorry excuse of a leader is too much of a coward to experience the chaos he has helped foment.

Ellen Higdon

St. Joseph