Niles Community Schools announce 2020 Service Years Awards

NILES — In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Niles Community Schools have announced its 2020 Service Years Awards, honoring the district’s long-time educators and staff members for their commitment to Niles students over the years. The list features 54 of the district’s employees, with awards given to teachers, principals, special educators and administrators in five-year increments.

“Niles Community Schools is fortunate to have an exceptional team of teachers and staff who are committed to the students we are privileged to serve,” said Dr. Dan Applegate, superintendent at Niles Community Schools. “It’s important for us to honor and acknowledge our team’s dedication through the Service Years Awards and a variety of year-round opportunities. These individuals are at the heart of the high-quality education we offer, and I appreciate their continued work and support.”

This year’s list includes a few notable standouts, according to school officials. Two teachers on the list will be retiring at the end of the school year: music teacher Steven Bizoe, after 25 years with the district, and instructional assistant for special education Shar Teeter, after 35 years with the district. For Mary Landgraf, a teacher for the district’s adult education program, the 2020 school year marked a 50-year milestone with Niles Community Schools.

The full 2020 Service Years Awards list is included below.

Five years of service:

  • Eve Astachio-Ghisolf
  • Rachel Campbell
  • Kevin Carter
  • Melanie Davis
  • Donna Gentry
  • Peter Helm
  • Wanda Kugle
  • Erin Matthews
  • Robin Middleton
  • Scott Morgan
  • Anesley Moser
  • Deborah Pierce
  • William Prenkert
  • Shannon Quinn
  • Timothy Robinson
  • Amy Santos
  • Catherine Tanck
  • Cordelia Tomasino
  • Jeff Weber

10 years of service:

  • Ann Bingham
  • Gail Bliss
  • Janet Plummer
  • Bertha Tharp
  • Michelle Zache

15 years of service:

  • Amy Archer
  • Cynthia Coleman
  • Kelly Flick
  • Melissa Troup

20 years of service:

  • Michelle Asmus
  • Nikki Brown
  • Sarah Crites
  • Thomas Desenberg
  • Heather Hoedema
  • Melissa Jones
  • Melissa Martin
  • Paula Rose
  • Janelle Sormin
  • Carla Suckle
  • Tammy Tallis-Crowner

25 years of service:

  • Steven Bizoe
  • Jami Foster
  • Sara Irons
  • Julie Isabel
  • Paula Peacock
  • Julie Poole
  • Tylisa Smith

30 years of service:

  • Michael Clanton
  • Pamela Hollis
  • Matthew Hunckler
  • Marisa Wieger

35 years of service:

  • Molly Brawley
  • Shar Teeter

50 years of service:

  • Mary Landgraf