Berrien County tire collection canceled

BERRIEN COUNTY — The Berrien County Spring Residential Scrap Tire Collection, originally set to take place in May, has been postponed at this time. The annual collection event accepts unwanted tires from residents and sends them off to be recycled. Updates about future tire collection events, along with alternative options for tire recycling are listed at

Berrien County officials said it is important to take care of scrap tires as tires that are stored outside easily trap water inside them. This stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and attracts rodents and other pests.

“Please be good stewards of your community by properly handling scrap tires,” said Jill Adams, Environmental Property Manager for Berrien County Parks Department. “One of the best things to do is not bring home used tires. Allow the professionals at the tire changing facility to recycle old tires through their programs.”

Any usable, loose tires that residents do have at home should be stored inside or undercover to avoid collecting water inside them. Do not litter scrap tires. Tires left on a property, in a ditch, or public green space are not only potentially hazardous to public health, they are an eye sore and cause a decrease in property values, Adams said.

Berrien County Parks Department conducts annual collection events for recycling and proper disposal of many different items, including scrap tires, household chemicals, electronics and pesticides, among other things. Due to COVID-19 the county’s recycling collection event schedule has been disrupted.

“I encourage residents to be patient and check the County website and County Government Facebook page for event updates,”  Adams said.

County recycling information can be found at, click Recycling Services, or call the Berrien County Parks Department at 269-983-7111 x8234.