LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sen. Gary Peters is an exceptional leader

Sen. Gary Peters is a conscientious, honest and highly competent leader.

During the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, he has repeatedly taken decisive action to combat the spread of this dangerous disease and to counter the economic damage it has created.

On March 12, Sen. Peters, who is the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, introduced legislation to expand access to free COVID-19 testing. He also pressed the Trump administration to ensure that health care facilities across the country were equipped to handle the large number of Americans who were likely to need to be tested as the virus spreads. In explaining the need for this legislation, Senator Peters said, “Widely available testing is the most effective way to identify and contain COVID-19 cases before they spread further, and our nation’s inadequate testing program is simply unacceptable.”

Sen. Peters also pressed the administration to take immediate action to ensure that all health care providers were supplied with the personal protective equipment they need to safeguard themselves and their patients from exposure to the virus.

On the same day that he introduced the COVID-19 free testing bill, Sen. Peters led the introduction of the bipartisan Coronavirus Worker Relief Act. This legislation provided disaster unemployment assistance to all individuals who were unable to work due to the coronavirus outbreak.    

Both the COVID-19 free testing bill and the Coronavirus Worker Relief Act were incorporated into the bills passed by both houses of congress and signed by the president.

Michigan is blessed to have Gary Peters as one of our two excellent senators. Our state and our country need his knowledge, his experience, his voice, and his determination to do what is right. We need to re-elect Sen. Peters this November.

Dr. Larry Feldman