Cass County jury trials suspended until June 22

CASSOPOLIS — The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Cass County Courts.

Cass County Clerk Monica McMichael and Chief Judge Susan L. Dobrich of the Cass County Courts announced Thursday that as a result of COVID-19, all jury trials will be suspended for an additional 60 days until June 22.

The delay of jury trials is necessary because of the current state of emergency and the need to continue social distancing which makes it impossible to safely conduct jury trials using traditional methods, court officials said.

Some Michigan courts will be piloting remote jury trials to see if jury trials can effectively happen remotely while also protecting constitutional rights.

Jurors will not receive summons for the period through June 21. If jurors have received notice of jury service for the time period through June 21, such jury trial notices can be disregarded.

“We are very interested in providing normal access to justice, and the courts are working with the clerk to ensure that necessary hearings are being held remotely through technology,” Dobrich said. “For example, the courts are hearing cases involving family, children, PPOs, guardianships, mentally ill, and criminal cases [without jury trials].”

McMichael said paperwork is being timely processed so that hearings can be scheduled and heard.

Any questions about juror notices can be directed to the Cass County Clerk by calling

(269) 445-4464 or emailing