Athlete Showcase: Dowagiac’s Haleigh Michels

Published 9:59 am Friday, April 19, 2019

Haleigh Michels is a sophomore on the Dowagiac tennis team.

What has been one of your greatest accomplishments as an athlete?

HM: Making varsity my freshman year.

Haleigh Michels

What has been one of your biggest disappointments as an athlete?

HM: Not winning a match last year.

Who is a “hero” in your life and why?

HM: My dad, because he risks his life every day to save people.

When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

HM: When I am serving, because I am afraid I will miss.

Describe an embarrassing athletic moment.

HM: When the ball got stuck in my racquet.

How do you tend to workout/train when by yourself?

HM: I hit a ball against a wall.

What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours?

HM: Softball.

Why are sports an important part of a high school experience?

HM: So I can make memories and have fun.

How would you give away $50,000?

HM: I would give the $50,000 back to the tennis team so we can get new uniforms and better equipment.

If you could be the head coach of a team for a year, what team would you choose?

HM: Our tennis team.

If I did not play sports, I would…?

HM: Be sleeping or singing.

What is the most challenging thing for you to do in your sport?

HM: Make a perfect serve.

If you could change one rule about your sport, what would it be?

HM: How we have to serve.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

HM: That I serve well.

What was the scariest thing you have had to do? Are you glad you did it?

HM: Ask my boyfriend out. Yes.

What is your favorite hobby? Why?

HM: Choir. It makes me happy.

Choose one word to describe yourself:

HM: Calm.