Sting operation leads to bust near Stateline Road

Published 9:11 am Tuesday, April 16, 2019

NILES — A South Bend man who was caught attempting to sell meth during a sting operation will face time in prison for the crime.

Marcus Lorenzo Davis, 39, pleaded guilty Feb. 13 to delivering and manufacturing meth and maintaining a drug house.

Judge Charles LaSata sentenced Davis Monday in Berrien County Trial Court. Davis was ordered to serve a minimum of three years to a maximum of 20 years in a Michigan state prison for the first charge and two days in jail for the second charge. Davis will also have to pay $326 in fines and costs.

Marcus Lorenzo Davis

The incident leading to his arrest occurred on Nov. 14. According to court records, the Southwest Enforcement Team had conducted an earlier drug bust on Kirk Arwood, 57, of Mishawaka. Arwood agreed to work with police and call his dealer and ask him to bring an ounce of meth to Stateline Road. Davis complied with the request and pulled into the nearby Dairy Queen parking lot, where police were waiting to apprehend him.

Davis attempted to conceal the meth by hiding it in the pants of a family member who was in the vehicle, records said. The drug was, however, discovered by police.

For his part, Arwood pleaded guilty to delivering and manufacturing meth and was sentenced by LaSata March 27 to 10 to 20 years in prison.

Defense attorney Edwin Johnson said his client had recently experienced a tragedy. Johnson asked the judge to consider delaying punishment so that Davis could be with his son during an upcoming surgery. He emphasized that his client had not missed a single court proceeding.

When it was his turn to speak, Davis said he was sorry he committed the crime.

“I’m here to say that I made a mistake,” Davis said. “I put my [family member] in a situation they had nothing to do with.”

LaSata said he was not going to permit Davis to delay his punishment.

“This is a troubling situation Mr. Davis,” LaSata said. “You have been dealing drugs for years. You are out on parole committing new felony offenses. There are several warrants out for you in Indiana right now.”

LaSata said he would follow punishment recommendations. Davis’ family members who were in the court Monday morning cried as he was handcuffed and led away.

Davis has two days of jail credit.