Brandywine wins season-opening tourney

Published 10:00 am Monday, March 25, 2019

NILES — Host Brandywine swept all eight flights to win its own season-opening tournament on Saturday.

The Bobcats scored 24 points to easily outdistance runner-up Three Rivers, which finished with 14 points at the Brandywine Indoor at Lakeland Athletic Club in Niles.

Galesburg-Augusta was third with eight points.

“Just a great way for us to kick-off the season,” said veteran Brandywine coach Joe Marazita. “All eight flights performed well, but Megan Schmidt exceeded my expectations at No. 1 singles. She has had limited practice time due to the great run by our basketball team, yet she set the table for us today.”

Schmidt was the flight champion at No. 1 singles.

Also winning singles championships for Brandywine were Laia Puertolas, Kimberly Solloway and Gianna Stella.

Doubles champions were Maigon Conrad and Ava Moody, Carrigan Duffield and Alysa Marlin, Katie Stratton and Caitlin Stanner, along with Mackenzie Jones and Destiny Patrolia.

The tennis team will now be off until April 9 when it hosts Schoolcraft t 4:30 p.m. at Plym Park.


At Lakeland Athletic Club

Team scores

Brandywine 24, Three Rivers 14, Galesburg-Augusta 8

Flight champions


1. Megan Schmidt (BW), 2. Laia Puertolas (BW), 3. Kimberly Solloway (BW), 4. Gianna Stella (BW)


1. Maigon Conrad-Ava Moody (BW), 2. Carrigan Duffield-Alysa Marlin (BW), 3. Katie Stratton-Caitlin Stanner (BW), 4. Mackenzie Jones-Destiny Patrolia (BW)