Cass Area Artists host exhibit in Cass District Library

Published 8:45 am Tuesday, March 19, 2019

CASSOPOLIS — Things at the Cass District Library are becoming larger than life, thanks to a new exhibit by a local artist group.

The Cass Area Artists recently unveiled a new gallery display at the Cass District Library, 319 M-62, Cassopolis. The gallery will be on display in the library’s computer room until mid-May. The gallery features pieces from several artists throughout the southwest Michigan region, including Tom Rose, of Cassopolis, Alli Farkas, of Dowagiac, Neil Benhman, of Niles, and Diana Sterling, of Edwardsburg.

The theme of the show is “large,” according to group director, Tom Rose. For the exhibit, each of the featured artists chose paintings that were created on large canvases that could take up a good portion of a wall.

“Everything we painted is larger than anything we have shown in the past,” Rose said. “It was kind of a challenge because a lot of us had never done something on such a large scale before. We really wanted to challenge ourselves.”

“When you look at them, they really make great use of the space of the wall,” added Cass Area Artists member Allie Farkas. “When you have a lot of little pieces on a wall, it can get busy. But with these, you can really take in each piece one by one and appreciate their individuality.”

Though members of the Cass Area Artists are excited about the new gallery, it is not the first time they have displayed their work at the library. The group has been hosting galleries at the Cass District Library for several years, Rose said.

“We curate the displays here,” Rose said. “The computer room is kind of like our own private gallery.”

Both Rose and Farkas said they appreciative to the library for continually giving them a space to showcase work done by the Cass Area Artists.

“It gives us a way to integrate ourselves into the community because so many people come here,” Farkas said. “[The library] puts our art right there so that if people are interested, they can see it and appreciate it.”

Rose added that he believes that integrating local art into the community is essential for any society to grow, thrive and appreciate culture.

“Art enriches your life,” he said. “Our motto is ‘have fun and feel better through art.’ … I hope people can feel that when they come to one of our shows.”

As they stood in front of their paintings, both Rose and Farkas said they hope the community will come out to see the new display and to appreciate work done by local artists.

“It is a great way to expose people who might not always be around art to local art,” Rose said. “Plus, I think it brings more people to the library, so everyone benefits.”