Man jailed for illegal surveillance, Buchanan woman who used substances also sentenced

Published 9:22 am Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Glenda Deeann Allender

NILES — A woman who was found with drug syringes in a car has been sentenced jail time for the crime.

Glenda Deeann Allender, 38, of Buchanan, was charged with the using a controlled substance of cocaine and or meth – a felony offense. She pleaded guilty to the charge on Jan. 9.

On Monday, presiding Berrien County Trial Court Judge Charles LaSata sentenced her to serve 210 days in jail. She has credit for 124 days served.

The charge stems from a crime that occurred Oct. 25, 2018. Allender was in a car that was pulled over by police. Syringes were found in the car and tested positive for drugs, according to Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Vigansky.

Defense attorney Edwin Johnson said Allender has struggled with substance abuse. He said she was taking the problem seriously.

For her part, Allender said her time in jail had changed her life. She said she wanted to continue treatment to recover from her addiction.

“I do understand the road I was on,” she said.

LaSata cited Allender’s record.

“You have quite a record of substance abuse issues,” LaSata said. “You’re 38 years old, what’s it going to take to change your life?”

Scott Brandon Hopkins

A man who used technology to do surveillance on an unclothed person was also sentenced to jail.

Scott Brandon Hopkins, 29, of Buchanan Township, was charged with using a computer to commit a crime and surveilling an unclothed person. Hopkins pleaded guilty to the crimes on Jan. 8. LaSata sentenced him to serve 180 days in jail and three years of felony probation. He was also ordered to pay $958 in fines and costs. The crime was committed March 9, 2018.

Hopkins was represented by defense attorney Becket Jones, who described his client as “mild-mannered” and “polite.”

“I think he is open to dealing with the issues that he has,” Jones said.

Jones asked for the court to consider lowering Hopkins’ recommended jail time of six months.  Jones said Hopkins wished to return to family in Maryland. Jones said his client is currently on probation for assault with a dangerous weapon.

When it was his turn to speak, Hopkins said he “regretted the decision he made.”

LaSata said he did not want to release Hopkins to another state immediately.

“These are troubling crimes,” LaSata said. “You are fairly sophisticated offender, using these black websites (the dark web) … for your attempts to gain access to this criminal activity or criminal photographs. But law enforcement is sophisticated, too.”

Hopkins has credit for two days served.