Letter to the Editor: Recognizing the computer company IT3, employees

Published 8:33 am Friday, December 28, 2018

This letter is to recognize the computer company IT3 and its employees. They repaired a laptop for me and called me to say it was fixed and I could pick it up and said they close at 5 p.m.. It was already about 4:45 and I was about 20 away but he said he wait for me. I said I would leave right then, about 2/3 the way there I ran out of gas.

I called IT3 to let them know I ran out of gas. The employee asked where I was and I told him, he said he would bring out the computer and some gas. He brought the gas and I got my laptop and could go home still on time.

IT3 and its employees go above and beyond from the owner Brian who volunteered during the storms down south to IT3’s employees bring gas to customers all on their own time.

This company IT3 and its employees are the epitome of what charity and living by example are all about.

Mike  Siver