Niles Community School District investigates statement

Published 5:43 pm Thursday, December 20, 2018


NILES — Niles Community School District is looking to formulate a parent task force after another vague statement was discovered recently.

The statement read, “Don’t come to school Dec. 21.” It is unclear exactly when the message was found. Niles Community School District Superintendent said the statement had been deemed not credible.

Molly Brawley, Niles High School principal, sent a letter home with students Friday explaining the situation.

“After involving our local police, and in our professional judgment, we will be treating tomorrow like a normal school day,” Brawley said. “As usual, our liaison officer will be on campus.”

The message is not the first of its kind to be discovered by school administrators this year. Brawley said the district was working to be as transparent as possible but felt that transparency in some of these reoccurring incidents has spurred “undue anxiety” and disrupted the learning environment.

“We believe that we are at a point where we need to reach back out to the community to develop more clear protocols for incidents like this,” she said.

Those interested in becoming part of a parent task force to address communication are asked to contact Brawley via email at

She encouraged students to continue to come forward with any information they may have so that officials can investigate and address issues.

“I would like to remind students, staff and the community — if you see something, tell someone,” Brawley said.

Niles Community School District utilizes OK2SAY as a confidential way to report student concerns about weapons, threats, drugs and bullying or anything else that threatens school safety. It is available via phone, text or online.

To reach OK2SAY:

  • Call, 8-555-2729
  • Text, 652729