Volunteer of the Week: Steve Quick, of Galien

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Steve Quick, 70, of Galien, is a volunteer at Redbud Area Ministries. RAM, 708 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, distributes food, clothing, household items and limited financial assistance to those in need within the Buchanan area.

What do you do at RAM?

I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We give out food and other things to help people make it.

Steve Quick

How long have you been volunteering there?

About four years.

How did you get started at RAM?

I was retired, and I was looking for something to do. Somebody mentioned RAM, so I came down here. It has worked out really well.

What keeps you volunteering?

Just seeing how we can help people. The area around Buchanan is a very giving community, and it feels good to be a part of that. [RAM is] able to do a lot of things here, not even just food. They help in a lot of ways, too. They work closely with the Salvation Army, and it is just a big giving community.

What do you think makes the Buchanan area giving?

The fact that they just care for everybody. You know they care for other people, and they want to share that love that they have with others.

What is your favorite part about volunteering?

Just seeing how  God blesses people through other people.

Why do you think volunteering makes a community a better place?

You get to know people on a personal level, and a lot of people come in here and they know us. It just shows that all of us work together.

How would you encourage others to volunteer?

I think the givers are blessed more than the receivers sometimes. When you give to other people — when you help other people — you feel blessed yourself.