LETTER: Poisonous politics became Upton’s strategy

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Now Fred Upton says he wants to “take the poison out of politics!” Does he have any idea how strange that sounds after securing his re-election by accepting massive amounts of “dark money” and running a smear campaign against an honorable man, Dr. Matt Longjohn?

You cannot bombard the 6th district with dishonest attack ads using Trump-like language and, by the close of election day, expect us to embrace you as a gentle man of principle. Sorry Fred — your language doesn’t match your behavior.

If you want us to believe that you will serve all your constituents, you will have to start doing things differently. You will have to give as much air time to those who are struggling as you give to lobbyists, corporations, wealthy donors and friends. You will have to fight a legitimate fight for health care for all and take specific steps to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. You will have to boldly challenge xenophobia and prejudice in all its ugly manifestations. Most urgently, you will have to muster the courage to stand up to Donald Trump, to take on his devastating attacks on our democracy, our environment, and our vulnerable brothers and sisters.

You will have to be different than you have been in recent years. You will have to remind us of the man you were long, long ago.

When all this becomes a reality, we may begin to believe you.

Sandy Feldman