Niles leaf collection begins in Fourth Ward Monday

Published 8:40 am Monday, November 5, 2018

NILES — The Street Division’s Fall Leaf Collection Program was delayed because not enough leaves had fallen. However, the program is scheduled to begin Monday, according to city of Niles officials.

Residents are asked to not rake leaves into the street. These leaves clog the drains and prohibit rainwater and snow melt from flowing freely. If the water is not allowed to flow freely, it may back up into people’s driveways or into the street. Street Division crews do clean street drains, but blockages may occur daily and crews do not have the ability to check all city street drains daily or even weekly.

City officials asked that people make it a habit to check the drains in front of their home to ensure that water flows freely.  In addition, they warned those who rake leaves into the street could get a visit from a code enforcement officer.

Leaves are collected one ward at a time, starting this year in the Fourth Ward.  As with past years, leaf collection crews will go around the city two complete times, weather permitting. It is advised that residents rake as many leaves out as possible in advance of the first pickup, since the second time around may be halted or delayed by bad weather. Those with questions can contact Jamie in the Department of Public Works at (269) 683-4700 ext. 3061.