LETTER: Support Foster and Buszek

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I am writing this letter in support of Elaine Foster and Tom Buszek for the Southwestern Michigan College Board of Trustees. Often, elections for a college board go practically unnoticed. However, as a long-time employee of SMC and a life-long resident of the county until my retirement, I feel this is a crucial decision for taxpayers in the college’s district.

In my various roles at SMC, I worked extensively with both Elaine and Tom as hardworking, respected deans. Both demonstrated excellent leadership attributes and a commitment to the students and our community. After voluntarily leaving SMC, both continued in challenging leadership roles in other prominent colleges or universities.

They are not disgruntled employees as has been alleged; rather, they are proven leaders who understand how to serve as team players and effective decision making.

They are experienced educators and long-time community members who can contribute significantly to the governance of the college. They can be relied upon to oversee college leadership so as to assure accountability; open communication to the public; a united, innovative work environment for employees; and a pathway to success for all students. 

This is a rare board election where taxpayers actually have a choice. Vote for Elaine Foster and Tom Buszek on Nov. 6.

Kathy Peterson

Brooksville, Florida