LETTER: Let’s fix our health care

Published 9:40 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The quibbling about Matt Longjohn’s medical credentials has brought us no closer to solving the very real healthcare crisis facing this nation.  Some MDs choose to practice population-based medicine (public health) rather than clinical medicine and thank God for that!  Our schools are safer, our food and water supplies cleaner and our lives are just better because they bring their vast wealth of medical knowledge to those challenges.   

I could care less if Matt Longjohn is a doctor, a Doctor, a physician or a magician. What does that matter to me and should to those truly interested in solving the healthcare crisis and not just pressing their agenda is that he is an experienced public health professional.   

The U.S. healthcare crisis is not going to be fixed by knowing the proper antibiotic dose or proper medical test to order.  It will be solved by smart individuals who understand both economics and our health needs.  What could be better preparation for that particular challenge than being a medically trained public health professional. 

Medicare is broken and needs to be fixed.  It is virtually impossible to find a doctor who will accept new Medicare patients.  Reimbursement is so low they can’t afford to treat us.  And no, your supplemental insurance does not make up the difference.  If you have a doctor that takes your Medicare, better pray they don’t retire.

Seniors should not be forced to accept substandard healthcare in order to get any medical care.  Getting decent health care should not be an unattainable luxury for any of our citizens.

Please, let’s address the real issues facing this country.  Fix health care instead of arguing about titles and semantics.  Such antics are beneath the dignity of our leaders and make all of us who buy into it look like immature children.

Prudy Barrett Nelson