LETTER: Insulted by the representatives

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I attended the Southwestern Michigan Board of Trustees candidates town hall at the Pokagan Community Center on Sunday evening where we, the voters would have the opportunity to hear the candidates running for the board of trustees at Southwestern Michigan College. The two candidates in attendance were Elaine Foster and Tom Buszek.

The event was organized by an interested student group at the college. The format was a town hall where the public could ask questions or make comments about what they think should be addressed at the college. It was a respectful and open exchange of ideas and information.

I was stunned to discover that two of the invitees didn’t feel the need to come and tell their stories why they should be re-elected. As a 20-year citizen and voter in Cass County, I was insulted by this public display of not showing up to answer questions from the voters. What does this say about their qualifications to be elected representatives of us the voters? 

Stacy Lankford