LETTER: Elect Democrat Dennis Smith on Nov. 6

Published 9:33 am Thursday, October 25, 2018

I have viewed the public video provided by the League of Women Voters debate between Rep. Aaron Miller (R) and challenger Dennis Smith (D) at SMC on Oct. 18.  It can be seen on YouTube District 59 Miller vs. Smith debate.  I want to point out some of the highlights from that session.

Aaron Miller is proudly the most conservative member of the House in Lansing.  He noted that he often breaks with his party, but most often it’s to the RIGHT of his party.  Below is a short list of Aaron’s positions that he stated in the debate:

Drug epidemic — difficult problem, nothing can be done.

Roads — pretty good, need to raise taxes to do more.

Gun free zones — does not believe in them. Co-sponsored Concealed Carry, No Permit bill.

Protecting MI Water — Flint was a local issue. We’re overseeing our water pretty well.

Health care — good in Michigan.  ER has to treat everybody.

Government controlling a woman’s body — “A fetus is not part of a woman’s body.”    

Line 5 pipeline — Keep it, working fine.

Expunge marijuana convictions if Prop 1 passes — Not a good idea .

Education — No free community college.

When asked what he has done for Cass County in two terms in office, the only accomplishment Aaron noted was that they passed the “High Capacity Water Withdrawal” law this summer that benefits farmers in Cass and St. Joe counties. This is the Nestle bill that allows corporations and farmers to draw high volumes of water from our Great Lakes and our groundwater.

Aaron Miller has a nice smile, a nice family, a ready handshake.  He’s good at showing up and talking to constituents.  But Aaron Miller has not been a good representative for District 59.  His voting record is ultra conservative and that won’t change.  Elect Democrat Dennis Smith on Nov. 6, a thoughtful, compassionate representative for all of us.     

Stacy Lankford