Letters to the Editors: Support Ron McAdam on Nov. 6

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cass County voters in District 2 have an opportunity to do something different and exciting in the upcoming election on November 6.  We can elect Ron McAdam, running as an Independent, to the Cass County Board of Commissioners and, as a result, breathe new life into the county’s administration.

Ron’s experience and training make him uniquely well qualified to serve on the Board at this time when the county seeks to harness the enthusiasm demonstrated by citizens in the recent Imagine Cass initiative.  Citizens are eager to see their county government be decisive, move forward, and take an active role in expanding opportunities for business and residents.

Ron currently heads the Cass County Historical Commission so he is keenly aware of the role that the preservation of buildings can play in revitalizing our communities.  His training in art history, architecture and design put him in an excellent position to evaluate proposals that will come before the Board. As owner of McAdam Design, his successful small business, Ron knows the importance of careful planning and fiscal responsibility.

In District 2, we can elect Independent Ron McAdam, a candidate committed to action, one with fresh ideas, and one with a deep appreciation for Cass County’s history and its built environment.  I’m thrilled to support Ron McAdam and his efforts to move Cass County forward.

Jane L. Bergman