LETTER: Vote for Kim LaSata

Published 9:20 am Monday, October 22, 2018

This November, voters have a clear choice in the race for the 21st State Senate District. Rep. Kim LaSata has been a respected leader both in our community and in Lansing. Her opponent, meanwhile, has been nothing of the sort.

So far as I can tell, Mr. Haight is running for two reasons: because he prides himself on being a disruptor, and because Republican candidate Kim LaSata received campaign contributions from the DeVos family. Of course, he never mentions that 99 percent of the campaign contributions to LaSata came from individuals and groups other than the DeVos family. He plays this game to distract from his own serious shortcomings as a candidate, and I think he is just upset that former Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Dick DeVos never contributed to him.

Fact is, after running a recall effort against Republicans in Hagar township in 2011, Mr. Haight ran as a Republican himself —  twice. Then, in 2016, Haight had to run as an Independent because he missed his own filing deadline for Hagar Township Clerk. Now, he has styled himself a Democrat.

It is quite clear to me that Mr. Haight is an opportunistic self-promoter who cares little for the people of southwest Michigan. Why else would he put his face on his own political yard signs? Is this the type of person we want representing us?

Please join me in voting for the candidate of substance and hard-work, Kim LaSata for State Senate on Nov. 6.