LETTER: Re-elect McKenzie and Obren

Published 9:21 am Monday, October 22, 2018

SMC trustees Keith McKenzie and Todd Obren have served and are currently serving our college district exceptionally well. Each of them brings remarkable expertise and commitment to the college. Both have played key roles in the tremendous growth of the institution. They have been great representatives of the taxpayers and have worked diligently to expand affordable high-quality college education in our community.

Please do not let a small group of disgruntled former employees alter the direction of our fine college.

Many of you are aware of my long history with the college and understand that I want only the best for SMC and our community. We must have the very best elected officials as trustees of Southwestern Michigan College. This means re-electing Keith McKenzie and Todd Obren on Nov. 6.

Thelda Mathews