Resident voices support for 4th Ward incumbent

Published 9:21 am Friday, October 19, 2018

City council seats are on the ballot in Niles on Election Day and William Tim Skalla is running for election in the 4th Ward. Skalla serves the city and its residents well. He attends all meetings, studies the issues, speaks up and votes. He works for us. He also serves on the Board of Public Utilities.  Skalla voted against PILOT — “Electric Revenue contributed to the City in Payment in Lieu of Tax.” It is the very last item listed on our monthly utilities bill.

If you are like me, you open your bill, look at the total amount and don’t notice it.  PILOT is a tax and subject to city council approval. Revenue from it goes into the general fund and used by the city administration to pay bills. Skalla has voted no on the electric rate pilot, no on the water usage pilot and no on the sewer usage pilot. Fellow 4th Ward residents — vote yes for Tim Skalla on Nov. 6.

Jim Maurer

Iroquois Trail