Fishing outlook — Oct. 19

Published 9:26 am Friday, October 19, 2018

Gale warnings have kept boat anglers off the Great Lakes. Strong wave action has made for dangerous conditions on the piers keeping those anglers on shore. When they can get out, fish are being caught. The Chinook runs are winding down and the remaining fish are deteriorating. Steelhead fishing will only get better.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph: Fishing pressure was very low because of poor weather conditions. Gale force winds kept boats off the lake so no there are no trout, salmon or perch reports. Even though steelhead are in the area, pier fishing for them was slow.

St. Joseph River: Has steelhead as fish have been spotted going through the fish ladder at the Berrien Spring Dam. Try spinners, spoons, flies, crawlers or eggs in the swift moving water.

South Haven: No boats had been out because of the windy conditions. There are no perch reports. When they could get out, pier fishing was slow.

Black River: Anglers were out trying but the steelhead fishing was slow.

Kalamazoo River: Salmon are still being caught but most are turning quite dark. Steelhead were caught on spawn, small spoons, spinners and crawlers.

Grand Haven: Windy conditions have kept boats off the lake. Pier fishing was too dangerous because of rough water. When they could get out, pier anglers were getting some coho on spawn bags.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Is still producing some coho up near the dam. Steelhead are moving in and a few more fish have been caught on real or artificial spawn, beads, egg pattern flies or spinners.

Grand River at Lansing: A few coho have been caught near the North Lansing Dam and the Moore’s Park Dam. Smallmouth bass were taken on minnows, crawlers, spinners or twister tail grubs near the North Lansing Dam. Pike were hitting on green spinners.

Morrison Lake: Anglers were still getting some bluegills. Try crickets or wax worms.

Muskegon: When the weather allows, a couple small coho were caught by pier anglers. The steelhead action was slow.

Whitehall: When they can get out, pier anglers still-fishing with spawn bags caught small coho and the occasional steelhead. Anglers casting jigs, blade baits and body baits caught walleye between the piers in the evening.

White Lake: Anglers using dropper-rigs tipped with perch minnows or wax worms caught yellow perch in 30 to 40 feet.

White River: Salmon fishing was good for those drifting skein or fly casting with egg pattern flies.