Vote for Kim LaSata

Published 8:44 am Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kim LaSata has always been a strong advocate for public safety. Her time in office has only emphasized this commitment, as she has both introduced and backed legislation that supports law enforcement.

What makes Kim a great legislator is that she does her own research and never hesitates to pick up the phone and call for feedback on policy. I have greatly appreciated her willingness to call me and discuss introduced legislation on matters of public safety. This background research leads to a more informed vote and ensures the safety of Berrien County’s communities.

Kim also played a lead role in making college campuses safer through her work as chair of higher education. She added new reporting requirements for campus sexual assault her first year in office and took it a step further the following year when she completely reformed the budget to ensure assaults, like the ones on Michigan State University’s campus, would never happen again.

Kim LaSata’s dedication to our community, its residents, and our first responders has been remarkable. I truly look forward to seeing what she will accomplish as our next state senator.

Please join me in voting for Kim LaSata for State Senate on Nov. 6.


Berrien Center