LETTER: Vote McKenzie and Obren for SMC

Published 8:55 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Since early this year, there has been a small group of individuals referring to themselves as Citizens Concerned about Southwestern Michigan College.  This group has been vicious with their personal attacks directed at myself, the other trustees, President David Mathews, faculty and many others.  They claim to be interested in “transparency” at SMC.

The board has remained professional and committed, as is our practice.  I have grown tired of the attacks against myself, my ethics and credibility.  If you know me, you know that I am credible, ethical, am passionate about my community and am not a “puppet” to anyone.

These are my thoughts and opinions only and are not reflected of any others.

SMC has many stakeholders including the citizens of Cass County, students past and present, faculty and other employees, and numerous others.  In the last five plus years, I have never been approached with a question about SMC that I could not get resolved.        

When SMC is confronted with issues that require resolution, that resolution is found.  All parties involved are called upon, solutions identified and changes made.  I embrace this form of management.    

I don’t see this as a “lack of transparency.” but rather a commitment to resolve issues and move SMC forward.

As you prepare to vote on Nov. 6, think about what you want out of your community college.

Fiscal responsibility, a premier education, a staff with unmatched student devotion, a safe environment, a good neighbor, and a board of trustees who relentlessly work to resolve issues, and continue on the road of excellence.

If you believe in SMC as I believe in SMC, it is important to return Keith McKenzie and Todd Obren to the board of trustees Nov. 6.

Becky Moore