COLUMN: It was an event to remember

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It was certainly an event I will never forget.

Despite some personal issues with covering the Motocross of Nations, I have to say it is one event I will never forget.

Being a part of what many are calling the biggest motocross event on American soil, will leave lasting memories for the more than 60,000 people who attended the MXoN from around the world.

RedBud MX, along with Buchanan and all of Michiana, put their best foot forward and delivered a great weekend of motocross racing that included entries from 29 nations.

Tim and Amy Ritchie should be proud of what they accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Most events of this stature get at least a year, if not more, to prepare for it.

Tim and Amy were given a matter of months to pull it off and I think they did a tremendous job.

The one downside to the entire weekend was the weather, which turned “RedddBudddd” into “RedddMuddd.”

One person compared it to Woodstock II.

I was not there, but I can only imagine that the rain mixed with fields equaled a lot of slipping and sliding around just as it did at RedBud.

No one can predict the weather. If the race had been a week earlier it would have been held under nearly perfect conditions.

I am hoping that when all is said and done that the people who decide when and where to state the Motocross of Nations take that into consideration.

No one seemed to be bothered by the weather conditions.

In fact, I find it hard to believe that the spirit of those in attendance was even dampened by the rain.

Everyone seemed to have a great time cheering on their country.

I would hope that in the not to distant future, RedBud gets another chance to host the MXoN.

The powers that be will not find a better place to stage a motocross race. Nor will they find fans who are anymore passionate about racing.

I also hope the next time, the rain stays away and we really get to see what RedBud and Michiana can offer the world.

Scott Novak is sports editor for Leader Publications. He can be reached at