Cass County welcomes new treasurer

Published 9:58 am Tuesday, October 9, 2018

CASSOPOLIS — With her right had raised, Cassopolis resident Hope Anderson repeated after Chief Judge Susan Dobrich Friday morning.

“I do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of this state that I will faithful discharge the duties of the office of Cass County Treasurer,” she said, her voice echoing Dobrich’s. “So, help me, God.”

Anderson was sworn in as Cass County Treasurer by Chief Judge Susan Dobrich Friday in the Cass County Law and Courts. Anderson was chosen via unanimous committee decision to fill the vacancy left by the untimely death of Linda Pruett. The appointment is for the remainder of the current term ending Dec. 31, 2020.

Friday, Dobrich, who was on the committee that chose Anderson, said she was confident Anderson would serve well in the treasurer position.

“In Cass County, we were lucky to have many great candidates for the position, and I am happy to have [Anderson] as our new treasurer,” she said. “Today is bittersweet. I am sad [about the death of Pruett], but I am happy for [Anderson]. … Welcome aboard.”

Surrounded by her family and friends, along with county officials and community members who came to see her sworn in, Anderson said she was ready to take on the position of county treasurer.

“It means so much to have you all with me here today,” she said. “I’m very excited about this opportunity. I’m so excited to work with all of you.”

Anderson is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a bachelors of business administration. Prior to taking the position as treasurer, she was the administrator at a nonprofit organization. She has also previously been on the zoning board for Cass County.

Though she acknowledged the tragic circumstances that led to the opening of the treasurer position, Anderson said she knew she had to pursue the opportunity, seeing it as a way to step up for her county.

“I’m excited to be able to support my county, Cass County,” she said. “I just thought this is something I could contribute to my county moving forward.”

In her position as treasurer, Anderson said she plans to keep integrity and good character to be a good steward of the county’s funds. She said she also plans to help push forward innovative solutions, such as electronic payments and faster processing of checks. 

“While recognizing the sensitivity of the circumstances that brought this opening, I feel I have a lot to bring to the county,” she said. “I have a great staff I’m very excited to move forward with their support.”

Though Anderson was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Pruett, she will have to run for election during the 2020 election cycle.