LETTER: Protecting our students

Published 8:53 am Thursday, October 4, 2018

Last week, Mr. Sherman Ostrander was the guest speaker at the Edwardsburg Museum. I thought two points he made were especially significant.

He said that when he came up against a law that interfered with the learning process he worked to change that law. When Edwardsburg high school students took courses in Indiana the state of Michigan would not reimburse the school system for these costs. These courses started young people on the way to their careers without creating large financial burdens. Under the leadership of Superintendent Ostrander these laws were changed. The cost of post graduate education was decreased

His second point concerned protecting our students from violence. He said that none of the solutions presently advocated will solve the problem. In my opinion anyone who carries out a mass shooting in our schools is mentally ill.

We need to increase funding for the treatment of mental illness. There are many causes of mental illness and there should be no obstacles to receiving help. In the meantime we can work on eliminating the cause of these problems.

Thomas J. Rea M. D.