Antlers off to an outstanding year

Published 12:57 pm Monday, April 24, 2017

Many of the parents of our seniors are asking questions about the Buchanan Promise, specifically on when they will be notified as to whether their child will be receiving the Buchanan Promise scholarship.

Earlier this month, a message was sent via the e-mail listed on your Buchanan Promise account. This was to let you know the application was received. If this is your son or daughter’s e-mail, please ask them if he or she has received this message.

A letter will be mailed directly to your home from the Buchanan Promise office after the high school principal has notified the superintendent’s office that seniors have met their graduation requirements, and the board of education has certified that your child has met all the graduation requirements.

Certification by the board will occur at the May 15 meeting.

Once everything has been checked by the superintendent’s office, we will notify the Buchanan Promise office that letters can be released. The Buchanan Promise office is up to date on the eligibility list for graduating seniors and will notify parents in writing with a letter and an acceptance/release form.

On another note, our students and staff have done an outstanding job this year.

Our Career and Technical Education banquet was hosted April 18. Ten of our students were honored for their accomplishments in mechanical drafting, agricultural science, automotive technology, culinary arts, construction trades, sports medicine, digital/multi-media, machine tool, Cisco and IT.   

One of our students will graduate from LMC with an associate’s degree before she receives her high school diploma. Our students who are attending the Early Middle College had a successful first year and our second cohort of students will begin in the fall.

Our band and our sports teams are winning awards and games. Our hall of fame winners, for the first time, were acknowledged at the chamber of commerce annual dinner.

I am so proud to be the superintendent of Buchanan Community Schools. When I see the awards and accomplishments of our district, I know we have the right leaders “on the bus.”

Kudos to our Buchanan Community School team as we continue to move forward and continue to strive to be the best.

Go Bucks!

Dr. Andrea van der Laan is the superintendent of Buchanan Community Schools.