The GOP plan to remake the U.S.

Published 9:36 am Friday, April 14, 2017

You’re in the 1 percent, right?
Sick of government catering to everyone’s needs? Wanna get even richer?
Here’s the plan:
First, we create a false impression of a mass movement, one that appeals to the populace with a catchy slogan that implies things everywhere are terrible.
We then convince enough voters that the previous administration was the enemy, and present an impossible new order alternative that will provide jobs and security.
Tricky, right? Relentless threats of war and conquest propaganda can work wonders.
You’ve noticed the media getting in the way. So, in order for our plan to work, we manipulate the news and spin our own facts to keep people ignorant, demoralized and fearful.
Blacklisting news outlets, slandering their reputations and limiting media access have helped crush opposing ideologies and dissenters.
We’ve also maintained a strong patriarchal facade that oppresses women, suppresses homosexuals, and resents people of color and immigrants.
But now the real work begins!
We’ll begin squashing unions and deregulating corporations to allow employers to slash their employees’ wages, benefits and labor rights. We’ll follow that up by giving giant sums of public money (as exemptions and tax-cuts) to ourselves, the wealthiest business owners.
Got your attention, do I?
This corporate welfare will surely put financial burdens on the rest of the population. It’ll even result in job losses.
But no matter, job growth isn’t really our goal. Capital growth is.
We’ll then deregulate the banks and environmental protections, giving us freedom to pollute and privatize public lands. It’s helpful that so many other corporations support this.
Oh, then we’ll abolish the inheritance tax as an extra bonus.
What’s that you ask? How do we know this will work? Good question. Because we read our history books.
Both Mussolini of Italy and Hitler of Germany executed every single one of the objectives mentioned above. By supporting the captains of industry, they merged the corporate and state powers into pure fascism.
But we prefer to call it corporatism. Fascism tends to have a bad connotation these days.
Welcome aboard.
Damon Wolf
Benton Harbor