Where are the true progressives?

Published 10:28 am Friday, April 7, 2017

To my fellow in habitants of this very fragile planet — we are faced with a monumental choice.

Are we going to make well thought decisions affecting life on our earth, or are we going to allow the greed of a wealthy few to subjugate, litigate, overwhelm and thus destroy the life forms, creatures and the citizens of planet Earth?

Progressive liberal thinking has been under siege since President Franklin Roosevelt died. In the early years of the 20th Century, men like Bob Lafollette, of Wisconsin, fought for worker’s compensation, rights for African Americans, minimum wage, unions, and raged against unfair labor practices.

Where is Wisconsin today? Squarely in the camp of the far right.

The progressive liberals of my generation who manned the battlements of the civil rights movement in the 60s and the anti Vietnam War movement the 70s are still faced with a struggle to preserve the gains we made.

Furthermore, civil rights, human rights, women’s rights and gay rights will become meaningless if there is no habitable place to live.

We are in a process that, if allowed to come to fruition will turn this beautiful blue green orb into burnt toast.

The science is incontrovertible, we are cooking the planet and the people who profit the most from the slow boil, the petrochemical industries, don’t care. These “leaders” deny climate change as a man made insult, and exhibit either a callous disdain for the world their grandchildren will inherit or a mindless understanding of how they are contributing to the planet’s demise.

It’s time to stand up!

Tell this administration that we want more protection from unscrupulous business practices, not less.

Tell them that we want laws to prevent another Wall Street debacle from wrecking our economy.

Say “no” to the dismantling of climate protections.

We don’t need to wall our borders. We need roads and bridges and rail lines to move people and goods more efficiently and with less pollution. We need, and the world needs, newer, better, cleaner sources of energy and less and less reliance on the sequestered carbon deposits of millions of years ago.

We will all lose if this little yard we live in if it gets too hot or too dirty to support life. We can’t move around the corner or down the street or across an ocean to a new country.

This is it. This is our only home.

We have to fix it. There is no other choice.


Joe Cummings