Free press is an essential element of a democracy

Published 10:24 am Friday, March 10, 2017

As an American citizen, I am very disturbed by the statements made by the president that our news agencies and newspapers, in particular, are enemies of the people.
Are newspapers perfect? No.
But without them, we are left to swallow whatever is fed to us. History has shown the error in this.
Governments and government officials have tried and, in some cases, continue to try to control the information the masses receive, even to the extent that underground news reports became essential when public sources like newspapers and radio addresses were banned or severely censored.
Our forefathers sought to break from King George and the tyranny of oppression that denied freedom of speech. This created their desire to insure that in our future country, free speech would always rule.
The ratification of our constitution depended on the addition of the first 10 amendments, the first amendment being the establishment of the essential right of free speech and press.
A free press is absolutely essential for maintaining our democratic form of government, as is our balance of powers with our three branches of government, no single one of which holds all the power.
Yet, now, specific major news agencies have been barred from the White House news briefing. This doesn’t just suggest censorship — it screams it.
If you have not been bothered by the recent actions of the president, perhaps it’s time to take another look and assess what is occurring.
I must admit, as a retired senior citizen, I had become quite lackadaisical about keeping my newspaper subscriptions current. I have remedied that situation and even added a third newspaper subscription.
I’ve also determined that it is important for me to add more news programming to my daily viewing. I encourage you to do the same.
Be informed. Our country, as we know it, is at stake.
Remember, a loss of freedom to our fellow citizens means a loss of our own freedom also.