Council needs to address elephant in the room with marijuana question

Published 9:18 am Thursday, March 2, 2017

I attended last week’s Niles City Council public forum regarding the “marijuana question.”
After listening to impassioned words — pro and con — about allowing the business of growing, processing and sale of this substance in the city, the real question before the council became clear.
Regardless of its medicinal, recreational or economic uses, the question is one of law: Should the Niles City Council vote to break existing federal and state law regarding this substance?
And, by extension, should we the citizens of Niles encourage our representatives to vote to break those laws in our name?
If a law displeases you, work to change it within the bounds of the Constitution. Because we are a republic, we elect representatives to vote our interests in government. I trust these representatives not to break law in my name, but uphold it.
When there may be a different law regarding marijuana, we certainly can revisit this topic — legally.
If we would so easily break this law, how easy will it become to break the next law that does not favor your interest?