LMC president suspended by college board

Published 5:35 pm Friday, April 8, 2016

Less than three months after being hired, Lake Michigan College President Jennifer Spielvogel has been suspended, according to a prepared statement from the community college.

Jennifer Spielvogel

Jennifer Spielvogel

The LMC board of trustees made the decision in a special meeting Friday. The college has declined to offer any specific reasons for the decision, stating in the press release it is the result of an ongoing personnel matter and that contributing reasons leading to the decision are confidential, pending a final resolution.

Leader Publications reached out to LMC officials with additional questions including:

  • How did this matter come to the board’s attention?
  • Is it tied to something that occurred after Spielvogel’s hire or is it related to something prior to her being hired by LMC?
  • Was the vote to suspend Spielvogel unanimous?
  • Is the suspension with our without pay?
  • Is there a period of time tied to it or is indefinite at this point?
  • When does the college anticipate a final resolution?
  • How will this affect the college’s daily operations, both  short- and long-term?

Candice Elders, director of marketing at LMC, said the college will provide more information as soon as possible.

“As I’m sure you can understand, it may take us a little time to determine exactly what the future holds, but LMC is committed to transparency and we will keep you and your readers updated as we are able,” she stated via email.

Spielvogel was hired in January to succeed former president Robert Harrison, who retired after 16 years of service to the college.

The LMC Board of Trustees is working closely with college and community stakeholders to determine the best steps moving forward, the release stated.

“LMC has a strong and dedicated team, and phenomenal community support. We are confident in our ability to continue growing, innovating, and serving our students without compromise,” Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees Chair Mary Jo Tomasini said in the release.