Niles wrestlers sweep Kalamazoo Central, Mattawan

Published 8:06 am Thursday, January 21, 2016

MATTAWAN — The Niles wrestling team keeps rolling through SMAC opponents.

The No. 8-ranked Vikings swept Kalamazoo Central and host Mattawan Wednesday night.

The Vikings barely broke a sweat in defeating the Maroon Giants 72-9 and the Wildcats 50-19.

Winning two matches on the night for Niles were Andrew Flick, Cade Stephenson, Cole Simpson, Brenden Hall, Mitchell Findeisen, Courtland Lamberton, Quintin Smith, Davin Simpson and Cody Glick.



At Mattawan

103: Jeffrey Deyoung (KC) p. Nathan Frary 0:54; 112: Andrew Flick (N) p. Cody Smith 0:40; 119: Cade Stephenson (N) wins by forfeit; 125: James Jeffries (KC) d. Reese Gardner 10-6; 130: Cole Simpson (N) p. Andi Sprung 3:33; 135: Brenden Hall (N) p. Justin Addison 3:31; 140: Mitchell Findeisen (N) p. Nick Arbogast 2:48; 145: Courtland Lamberton (N) wins by forfeit; 152: Quintin Smith (N) p. Bader Farwana 4:17; 160: Davin Simpson (N) wins by forfeit; 171: Dayton Smith (N) p. Craig King 3:26; 189: Cody Glick (N) p. David Ybarra 1:16; 215: Sam Soto (N) p. Noah Gross 1:13; 285: Jason Echeverria (N) p. Jacob Seager 1:18


103: Dawen McClish (M) P. Nathan Frary 1:46; 112: Andrew Flick (N) P. Gabe Mohney 0:38; 119: Cade Stephenson (N) D. Peter Deaton 8-3; 125: Nibin McClish (M) m.d. Reese Gardner 16-7; 130: Cole Simpson (N) d. Justin Rigling 4-1; 135: Brenden Hall (N) p. Lloyd Brooks 2:00; 140: Mitchell Findeisen (N) t.f. over Jack Walter 24-6; 145: Courtland Lamberton (N) d. Tyson Ford 7-3; 152: Quintin Smith (N) p. Seth Bunce 3:00; 160: Davin Simpson (N) p. Ray Atkins 3:00; 171: Zach Kelly (M) d. Dayton Smith 5-3; 189: Cody Glick (N) wins by forfeit; 215: Sam Soto (NILES) p. Parker Hamel 0:30; 285: Levi Finley (M) p. Jason Echeverria 4:33