Cass Area Artists looking for crafters for summer show

Published 3:30 pm Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Cass Area Artists organization is looking for artists and crafters for its second annual show at the Lowe Center July 9. (Leader photo/File)

The Cass Area Artists organization is looking for artists and crafters for its second annual show at the Lowe Center July 9. (Leader photo/File)

The Cass Area Artists organization invites artists and crafters from Michiana to submit applications for participation in the juried second annual summer show to be held on the spacious grounds of the Lowe Center, near Diamond Lake in Cassopolis, July 9.

The first show was a success with 90 percent of the artist stating they would return.

Multimedia arts and crafts should be of highest quality, handmade or original in concept/design, one of a kind. Prints, such as giclees, are allowed if labeled as prints and the original work is also on display. No mass-produced, manufactured, imported, made from molds. Silk-screen or resale items are permitted. Re-purposed furniture, jewelry, fabric art and sculpture of high quality will be considered.

Arts organizations may apply to set up a group booth at no cost to the organization. Only the work of a juried art organization member may be displayed at the organization’s booth. Arts organizations may occupy one booth but each exhibitor member must apply through the jury process and pay a booth fee. Only the work of a juried artist may be displayed at an individual artist’s booth.

Applicants should submit three to five images (one booth shot and two to four images) of their work to and mail separate checks for booth and jury fees to: A. Farkas, P.O. Box 606, Dowagiac, MI 49047. Checks should be made out to “Cass Area Artist.”

Deadline for submission is April 1. Entries will be juried by selected members of Cass Area Artists. If your entry is not accepted the check for your booth space will be returned to you. Artist/crafters accepted to the show will be notified by email by April 20.



Jury Fee: $10. (waived for Cass Area Artists members)

Booth Fee: $35 is applicable to each artist/crafter that displays or sells. Your application must note if you will have your own booth or be part of an arts organization booth.

Both and show information

• Show time is 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

• Set-up by 9:30 with all boxes and packing stored out of sight, or under a covered table

• Booth space is 10×10-foot

• Electricity is not available

• Hot dogs, chips, pop and water will be available

• All booths should have 40 pounds or more of weight on each corner and protection from rain, as wind and rain may be factors. Staking is allowed to the side and rear of booth but not to the front as booths are on a grassy area facing paved walkways. Walkways and the front of the booth cannot be obstructed.

• Booth weights, tie downs, tables, table covers, chairs, props and tents are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

• Booths must be attended at all times from opening until closing. Neighboring artist may volunteer to watch booths to allow for breaks. The show does not have sheriff and ambulance personnel on the premises; however providers of those services will be alerted in advance of the show.

• Booths will be assigned at check-in the morning of the show.

• Pets are discouraged.

• Due to low booth and jury fees no awards are available, however there is no commission fee associated with the show.

• Exhibitors are asked to park in the designated exhibitor parking except when unloading and loading.

• Lowe Center grounds are designated as non-smoking areas.