Middle school recognizes paraprofessionals

Published 10:14 am Thursday, January 14, 2016

Terri McIntyre, Sheryl Johnson, Sharon Creameans. (Submitted photo)

Terri McIntyre, Sheryl Johnson, Sharon Creameans. (Submitted photo)

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire school to educate a student.

Every teacher, paraprofessional, secretary, custodian, bus driver, administrator, and any other staff member is needed to raise and fully educate our students. Though our responsibilities are different, we all have a common mission of doing what is best for kids.

I would like to acknowledge the three health aide paraprofessionals at Dowagiac Middle School and explain their importance in the school village.

Sharon Creameans, Sheryl Johnson and Terri McIntyre always go over and beyond in their school village duties. Each of these ladies works with individual students that have specific health needs that can inhibit the student’s day at school.

Not only are Sharon, Sheryl and Terri required to complete the district training for all staff members, they have also completed specific training on the health/safety needs of their student and are constantly learning how to make accommodations on class work and assignments for their student.

They also lend their knowledge and skills to neighboring students in classrooms, give guidance in the hallways when needed, and are willing to extend their workday to make sure that their students are able to participate in afterschool activities.

It is quite evident that Sharon, Sheryl and Terri have patience and compassion for their own student, but they also have it for the other 500 students that walk through the halls of DMS. I will not speak on behalf of my parents at DMS, though I hear plenty of compliments and heart-felt thankfulness about these ladies. I can only speak for myself.

I am very thankful and extremely appreciative for Sharon Creameans, Sheryl Johnson and Terri McIntyre for all that they do in my building with our students. Dowagiac Middle School is definitely a better place because of these special ladies.


Nicky Hulett

Dowagiac Middle School, Assistant Principal