Laing wins Football Forecasters championship

Published 2:45 pm Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bruce Laing of Wolverine Insurance captured the 2015 Leader Publications Football Forecasters’ championship.

Laing took a one-game lead into the bowl games and then went 20-10 to hold off Dowagiac Athletic Director Brent Nate, who went 19-11 to finish tied for second with defending champion Sue Dobrich, Cass County Family Court judge.

Laing finished with a 129-51 overall record, while Nate and Dobrich finished at 127-53.

Southwestern Michigan College’s Tom Atkinson finished fourth at 126 and Brandywine Superintendent John Jarpe fifth with a record of 125-55.



Final Standings

Bruce Laing 129-51

Brent Nate 127-53

Sue Dobrich 127-53

Tom Atkinson 126-54

John Jarpe 125-55

Scott Novak 124-56

Dennis Cooper 124-56

John Proos 121-59

Nicole Bates 116-64

Tim Kozal 115-65

Jeff Upton 115-65

Fred Upton 114-66

Frank Williams 113-67

Sarah Britton 112-68

Allison Hayes 111-69

Kevin Dean 108-72